我们对产品配方进行了另一项创新是使用 Iroise 海水。 艾鲁瓦兹海是法国西海岸的一颗明珠,是海洋生态系统和藻类物种保护最丰富的地区之一,使其成为营养生命精华的地区。Ouessant岛位于Iroise海中,这里的水使 60多种野生藻类物种沐浴在其中,并获得所有高营养的血清以进行生长。


我们产品是从科学医美为主打:系列中的配方是用淡斑护理活性物质 -烟酰胺和再矿化精华 - IROISEA WATER 开发的,旨在为我们的消费者提供广泛的修复、重建和补充,让每个人拥有保持着美丽的皮肤从内外的健康。


It is very important for us to develop the best quality products and formulate them with experts to start formulating skin care series for consumers.The best ingredients are selected under the advice of experts.

Another innovation we have made in product formulations is the use of Eluwaz seawater. The Ayroise Sea is a jewel on the west coast of France. It is the most important area for the protection of marine ecosystems and algae, and it can become an area with the essence of nourishing life. Ouessant Island is located in the Iroise Sea. The water here allows more than 60 biological plants to absorb in it and obtain all high-nutrient plants for growth.

Iroise sea water is micro-filtered sea water. It is a physiological and nutritional essence for the skin, which can contain its unique source of nutrition. Your skin care routine is inevitable in the process of rebuilding the unique marine ecosystem.

The formula of our product line is developed with the active substance in light care-smoke spot and remineralization essence-ROISEA WATER, aiming to provide our consumers with a wide range of repairs, repairs and supplements, so that everyone has beautiful skin Health from the outside.


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